thinker, doer, aspiring rainmaker

Kristin Wolff, thinker, doer, aspiring rainmaker. Kristin has worked in the social change space for over 15 years. She serves as an adjunct researcher for Social Policy Research Associates (Oakland, CA), runs thinkers + doers, and is “DIY-ing” her second masters – an un-degree comprising formal, informal, and experiential learning in social innovation, open data, and collaborative technologies. She likes working on work (and all things aimed at community prosperity). That’s why she’s a board member at Hatch Innovation, helping communities invest in themselves through securities crowdfunding.

Kristin is a solopreneur and a team player –working closely with SPR, Hatch, clients, and partners. She lives in Portland, Oregon where she and life-partner Robert hike, bike, and drink amazing coffee.


Clients call on us to help them understand community-centered problems, and build, test, and scale solutions. Making purposeful learning, inspired work, and social innovation universal is why we wake up in the morning.

Research, Ideation, Concept Development

What’s going on? How do we know? What do we do? We frame community challenges, co-create solutions, and structure collaborative responses – often through grant proposals or action plans.

Strategy, Planning

Moving the needle on important community issues takes more than a project. We support the creation of longer term community change strategies – and the action-centered planning that makes them possible.

Coordination, Collaboration, Partnership Development

Who needs to be at the table and for what? Doing big things requires efficient, effective – even enjoyable – ways to work across organizational boundaries and cultures. We help find them.

Data Collection, Analysis, Storytelling

Data is everywhere. Making it actionable and sharing it with people who can use it for good is what matters most. We help build compelling narratives and get them out there so they make a difference.

Learning Design, Experimentation

Problem solving is experimentation. Experimentation is learning. And learning is social (or at least, it’s best that way). We architect shared learning so that many can move forward faster than any could alone.

Public Engagement, Crowdsourcing

“No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” (Bill Joy). “[T]he smartest person in the room is the room.” (David Weinberger).” Apollo 13. Enough said. We help you get smarter by working with your crowd.

Get in Touch

When I’m not traveling or at a client site, I work out of Hatch – a social innovation lab and co-working space in NE Portland. I’m easiest to reach by email, text, or phone. Can’t wait to hear what you are up to!